fresno pet wellness

Pet Services and Veterinary Medicine

Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing

Laboratory testing is an integral role in early detection of changes in your pet's health. Using our in-house Abaxis Laboratory equipment, we are able to provide essential information with which we can identify blood disorders, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, infection, thyroid disease and other hormonal problems. By using our extensive laboratory, we are able to provide fast and accurate information that is necessary for the wellbeing of your pet.

Pet Chiropractic Care

We offer Dr. Hysell's chiropractic care in our Fresno veterinary office on Fridays.

Pet Surgeries

All Phases of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

We offer a well-equipped veterinary operating room. We provide modern inhalation anesthetic techniques combined with a ventilator, pulse oximetry, blood pressure and continuous technician monitoring. We offer general and advanced soft tissue surgery along with orthopedic surgery. Prior to veterinary surgery at our Fresno practice, we perform a thorough physical examination to identify existing medical conditions. Because not all problems can be detected on examination, we also recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing. Pain management is always a part of our medical protocol to provide a comfortable experience for your pet.

Veterinary Medical Grooming

Pet Boarding in Fresno

We offer a home for your pet while you are away and will administer any medications necessary for your pet's health as a part of our Fresno pet boarding services.

Drop-off Veterinary Service

In order to accommodate your needs, we offer early morning drop-offs. Providing you have called our office and made prior arrangements, you can drop off your pet and pick him / her up at a later time. After dropping off your pet, requested services are performed during the course of the day. You are welcome to call us throughout the day to discuss the progress of your pet's treatment. In case of a sick or injured pet, the owner is called after the initial exam to discuss treatment recommendations.